Hidden Treasures at the Beach

06 Jul 2020 12:36

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There is nothing better than going to the beach with a good metal detector in broad daylight when some people are outside, fresh sea breeze, you and the huge sea sand that hides all these treasures. You turn on your metal detector and set it up for beach hunting and you are ready for https://bestgoodcaptions.com/beach-instagram-captions/ adventure.


If you find metal, rent a hunting area on the beach where lifeguards rent umbrellas and lounge chairs. People spend most of their time in this area and children play in these areas and are more likely to lose treasure. Lifeguards start umbrellas around 7:30 am and you want to kill them before they get in your way. The city is quick with gear to quickly lift the beach and pick up trash, and they can pick up ropes, chains and bracelets with litter, but always (stuff) rings, bracelets, necklaces, coins, matchsticks. Huh. Cars, watches and many other treasures.

If you are new to metal detection, I suggest that you buy good detectors such as Gora, Garrett or Meinle Lab first. These are good machines that work well. Do not waste your money on cheap detectors. All you will find are rusty nails and bottle caps. If you are lucky, you may get one or two coins. I have used all of you and now the Minlab Extra 70 is a good machine for hunting coins, jewelry, and searching for gold and hidden treasures. Xterra70 is suitable for hunting in sandy beaches, mineral soils and waste areas. It has coin and jewelry settings, prospecting and beach settings, and discrimination settings.

Late afternoon, after most people had gone to dinner, I was looking for a medal. I found some coins and did my work up the beach when a young man came to me and asked if I could help him and his sister find the ring he had lost on the beach. I told her that I would be happy too, but I cannot promise that I would get it. He said, well, please try that this was his mother's ring and he died last year. The sister thought she was a teenager at first.

What happened is that he put a ring on a beach towel while swimming, and when he came back he picked up a sand casha towel. Well, you know the rest. You lay in the sand for two hours without any luck.

Well, we knew the general area and I started looking for metal in about 5 to 8 minutes. I got the hint and went to the hidden treasure. It was a small ring with small turquoise stones. The little girl hugged my neck and thanked me. Brother opened his wallet and gave it to me.00 60.00. I refused to give the money. I didn't want his money. I'm glad I got the ring for him. I wanted to go and when he asked me to wait to talk to my father, I said okay. Where is your father? He said that he had gone to the city to buy a metal detector and should be there in a few minutes.

When Dad came, he thanked him profusely. The ring was not much money, but it was everything to him. Dad gave me the shape of a twisted cigarette, I returned it, but he refused and insisted that I take the money, so I put it in my pocket, thanked him and went hunting again. .

I started searching for metal and took some coins and a few pieces of garbage on the beach. It was getting late, so I decided to go to the room. When I entered the room and emptied my pocket, I took out the bill that person had given me and it was a $ 100 bill.

Well, it was good metal detection, day! I found a handful of coins, a matchbox, a silver bracelet, a wedding ring for men and a treasure found for that little girl. It was a rewarding day at the beach and the biggest prize was finding a ring for that little girl.

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